Various for the measurement

Body Composition Analyzer

Body Composition Analyzer , body fat , physical rating , bone mass , total body water which is very correct for the result if compared with DEXA ( Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry ) See more details in the Catalog. CLICK>

The best of accurate sensor system

Body Composition Analyzer includes Height and Weight scale. Display with Vertical Alignment and Voice function during analysis. It is also various for the measurementSee more details in the Catalog. CLICK>

Analyze and get the result immediately

A-ONE Skin Analyzer that can do various of the Facial skin checks includes Acne , Melasma , Freckle , Bright skin , Moisturizing facial skinSee more details in the Catalog. CLICK>

You can have a very nice shape

Scale and Body Fat Analyzer Bodivis

Double caring for both nice shape and good health with modern innovation technology<See more details        Order here>

Double in the assurance.

Infrared Thermometer

It is very accurate for checking the body temperature with Infrared Thermometer to concern about the social distancing of a patient in your areaOrder here>